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Meet our new receptionist Alexa VR!

In October 2016, we moved to a new office at The Platina, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, India. We thought about recruiting a dedicated receptionist for our front office. But being in Digital World, want to do something different here. We found Amazon Alexa would be an option and planned to build a Virtual Receptionist with Alexa which could do basic receptionist job like greeting employees, helping visitors etc. We named the internal project as ‘Alexa VR’. In February 2017 after many struggles, we received Echo Dot from eBay as Alexa is officially not available to purchase in India. We have asked Sai Kiran Kotha who joined as fresher to explore Alexa and to develop new skills using Amazon Alexa Platform. Within first 2 weeks Sai Kiran was ready with his first prototype. He learned and developed the basic skills required to get started with Alexa. We had a quick discussion and came up with a basic design to develop receptionist skill. Integrated Alexa with our Employe