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Fiori Custom Developments – A year (2015-16) review.

• Team size has grown from 4 to 15 resources. • A total of 18 custom Fiori Apps were delivered with 4 onsite partners in US, Netherlands & Australia. • Export to Excel Plug-in for Fiori Apps was released in July 2015. • Export to PDF Plug-in for Fiori Apps was released in July 2015. • Fiori Accelerator – an advanced Fiori App Development Tool beta version is released in November 2015 and more than 200 users from various companies have participated in testing the app. Fiori Accelerator 2.0 is targeted for release in Apr-May’2016. • Helped various consulting partners in US, Netherlands and Australia with POC’s and custom component developments.  Quality Ideas Lab is a 2014 startup firm helping various consulting partners across the globe with custom solutions in the areas of SAP Fiori, UI5, Hybris, E-Commerce and Web Development solutions. Quality is in our name and maintained consistently in each project delivery. Our partners and clients are extremely happy with what