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Fiori Accelerator is Live Now

Happy to announce the release of  Fiori Accelerator  for general usage. You can register and try 3 free apps with North Wind OData service.  What is Fiori Accelerator:  Fiori Accelerator is a cloud based app with an advanced WYSIWYG editor which simplifies the Fiori App creation without writing a single line of code. The Fiori Accelerator itself is developed with Open UI5 and it is developed with a unique concept of UX where developers/users can feel the to be generated app while developing it. Developers/Users can simply map the fields in the UI and they can preview/download the generated code instantly.  What is offered with Fiori Accelerator?   The first release offers the following features: Master-Detail application with Simple Form, Tab and Table Layout. Master-Master-Detail application with Simple Form, Tab and Table Layout. Dynamic property editor for the UI controls like Text, Link, Check Box etc. Tabs with nested Simple Form and Table layout.  Dynamic configuratio