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SAP Fiori / UI5 is only for SAP Business Apps?

SAP Fiori has changed the business users work style or say SAP has provided a solution that matches the expectations of next generation end users. Either of it, but business has better tools to improve the productivity, end users have a way to get rid of the conventional screens. Fiori has created Buzz in UI experience and SAP has proved it again with this amazing UI framework. It's worth to upgrade to the next level user experience with Fiori Apps. I do not get into further details of SAP Fiori as there are many active threads running around this topic. Now, the main topic is, is it possible for non-SAP customers to adopt this proven technology? The answer is YES and it is possible with Open UI5. SAP announced the Open Source version of SAP UI5 in  December, 2013 . You can read more details about  Open UI5  here. So what's in it? And what benefits customers (I mean non-SAP customers) get: Open UI5 library lets you build enterprise ready web applications with built-in res