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Excel Plug-in for Fiori Apps

SAP Fiori Excel Plug-in can be integrated with any Fiori App to export the view content into Excel. The generated Excel has similar UI alignment as your Fiori App. Whether you are developing a new Fiori App or working with standard Apps, it’s easy to integrate this plugin by adding few lines of code.

How it works?

  • Create a new folder with name js in Fiori Project folder if does not exist already.
  • Copy the source files to the js Folder.
  • Add the below lines of code in the include section of component.js

  • Open the xxxx.view.xml where you want to provide the export to Excel functionality.
  • Add a button with Excel logo in the footer section.

  • Copy the below JS method to the xxxx.controller.js

That’s all we have to do. On click of the Excel button, the program understands the UI and generates the similar layout as per your application. We have optimized the Excel layout as much as possible to make it similar with Fiori App.

Please note the current version of the Excel Plug-in does not support Internet Explorer.

Why use Excel Plug-in:

Using our plug-in you can complete your Application Excel integration within 10 minutes, saves your time and effort. The following image shows how the generated Excel looks comparing with actual Fiori App.

Comparing generated Excel with the actual App

To know more details about the plug-in integration and licensing options, contact our sales at 


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